Spectre of a God

Bandits on the Road

Beginning the Adventure

The four adventurers, Pally D., Dankos, HILF, and Alonkomiranethryllynal aka Lonk, fought off the bandits who attacked their prison cart. They weren’t able to save the driver, however, who was killed by a bandit. The group searched the body of the driver hoping to find the letter explaining their situation to the mayor of Irondale, but found it gone. They followed a set of small tracks away from the scene and into the woods. The adventurers fought their way past a bandit ambush and even took down a brown bear. They eventually reached a bandit fortress and forced their way inside. The bandit leader attempted to fight the party alone, but ended up hurting himself like a scrub. The group killed the leader and Lonk searched him for the letter very thoroughly. They eventually found two letters, the one they need for the mayor and another one sent to the bandit leader. The second letter contained instruction to kill everyone in the prison wagon as it came by. Confused but otherwise unharmed, the group made their way back to the road and traveled until they came to the gates of Irondale.


Phillip_Knutson Phillip_Knutson

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